SicilianKill's UT Server v451

You want to try different gamemodes, mutators and maps? Join this server and have fun with nice gametypes and mutators. Select some maps in the mapvote window (!v) and explore maps that you might not know. Both servers are located in Europe/Germany to provide best pings for all players with lower internet bandwidth connection.

UT99 Siege+MonsterHunt Dev 2 | XCGE 24 Linux v436

-=[SIEGE]=- |uK| The One Night Stand - v451

This server is provided by the community. In my point of view one of the best Unreal Tournament server with the 1st place.

Gametypes & Mutators

  • SiegeFreeBuild
  • TeamDeathmatch+NaliWeapons3
  • MonsterHunt+Checkpoints and NW3 Modifiers
  • Mapvote and Nexgen