Added UT Soccer Gametype

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Added a new gametype on the testserver. Have some fun playing soccer in Unreal Tournament. If you have some map suggestions, let me know!

Available maps for UT Soccer:

  • SCR-AndSocaction
  • SCR-Basic
  • SCR-CityStreet
  • SCR-ConStadium_v091
  • SCR-Egyptian
  • SCR-FootballCB2
  • SCR-Gothic
  • SCR-Hills
  • SCR-IceCave
  • SCR-LavaCave
  • SCR-Nali
  • SCR-Skaarj
  • SCR-SubSea
  • SCR-WaterWorks

Problems noticed?

If you noticed some problems with UT Soccer please contact me via the online form.

UT Soccer

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